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High Rise CondosCondominiums
The impact window and sliding glass door needs of each condominium complex are varied and unique.  In addition to the requirements of your Condo HOA (Home Owners Association) or your Property Management Company, replacement windows and sliding glass doors for Condominiums throughout Florida must meet certain wind, impact and legal requirements as set forth specifically for condominiums by the state and local county ordinance.  

Not all Condominiums (condos) are created equal:
Low rise condos (4 stories or less) may be able to use vinyl replacement windows in most locations supplying both energy efficiency and the security of an impact window.  However, once your condo goes above 4 stories, the requirements change drastically limiting your choice to aluminum windows and aluminum sliding glass doors.  The height, location of the condominium, wind speeds and design pressures will determine how strong the aluminum windows and sliding glass doors will actually need to be.  Not all aluminum windows and aluminum sliding glass doors are built the same and not all impact glass has the same rating.  Knowing which aluminum frame goes with which impact glass is a matter of safety.  No one wants to lean on an aluminum frame window at 16 stories thinking it is safe when it is not.

Just because an impact window meets Wind Speed ratings does NOT mean it meets Design Pressure ratings.  While this is true for all windows, it is a major factor in determining the correct impact windows for a condominium complex.  Design Pressure is based on a combination of seven (7) factors; wind-speed, building location, both the height and width of the building as well as the terrain of the property.  When all that is calculated, what floor and unit the window opening is located within the condominium complex (Corner Window or Inner Window), becomes the final determination on which aluminum frame and impact glass type needs to be installed. 

Condominium installation Experience that matters:
Florida Lifetime Impact Window and Door has vast experience with the installation of all types of windows (including casement, single hung, double hung and picture windows) and door installations (including sliding glass, French and solid core entry doors) for both high-rise and low-rise condominiums.  Their service and installation area stretches from Orlando, west to Tampa and as far South as Naples. 

Florida Lifetime Impact Windows and Doors only uses Factory Trained and Certified Installers for all of their window, door, garage door, roofing and siding projects.  They NEVER use subcontractors as they refuse to leave their reputation in the hands of anyone who doesn't treat it like gold as they believe there is way too much at stake for that.  In fact, every energy consultant, sales person and installer is an employee of Florida Lifetime Impact Window and Door.  Selling windows and sliding glass doors for condominiums is one thing...  Knowing and understanding the demands, design pressures, special regional and county zone requirements for the various condominiums heights and for each installation is another.  These are some of the things that separates Florida Lifetime Impact Window and Door condo experience from other companies.  Using top of the line impact window and sliding glass door products is another.

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Condo Casement WindowsSeries 250 Condominium Casement Window

 The Series 250 Condominium Casement Window is a heavy grade condominium and commercial grade replacement window designed for window those locations that require extra durability. .



Condo - Single Hung WindowSeries 275 Condominium Picture Window

 The Series 275 Picture Window is a heavy duty commercial and architectural grade window that meets the most demanding high-rise condo and commercial requirements



Condo - Single Hung Windows

Series 275 Condominium Single Hung Window

 The series 275 Single Hung Window, like is counter part the 375 picture window is designed for those condos that require a higher design pressure or water pressure defense.



Condo 300 Series Casement Windows

Series 300 Condo Casement Window

 The Series 300 Casement Window is the perfect solution for Condominium owners looking for a functional yet high impact and energy efficient window that will protect them during extreme weather.



Condo Projected Window

Series 300 Condo Projected Window

 In addition to meeting the design pressures of high-rise condos the Series 300 Projected Window offers a thermal energy efficient solution as well.



Condo - Horizontal Window

Series 400 Condo Horizontal Window

 The Series 400 Condominium Horizontal Window is a commercial grade window designed specifically for educational, office and healthcare window facility needs.  This Horizontal window offers the highest design pressure ratings along with energy efficiency, water performance and impact resistance to meet hurricane winds dead on.


Condo - Picture WindowsSeries 400 Condo Picture Window




Condo Single Hung WindowsSeries 400 Condo Single Hung Windows




Condo - Window WallSeries 450 Condo Window Wall




Condo - 650 Window WallSeries 650 Condominium Window Wall




Condo 5000 Window WallSeries 5000 Condominium Sliding Glass Door







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Their commitment to Customer Service, Professional Factory Trained Installation and Product Excellence has been proven over the last 5-years.  Toe-to-toe against the competition there is no comparison.  Voted "Top Contractor" for Tampa Bay, Florida Lifetime Window and Door Inc. takes their commitment to Ocala, Orlando, Sarasota, Naples, Clearwater, Lakeland, St. Pete and all points in-between.  Call 813-968-8838 or (toll free) 877-432-2211   for your Free In-Home estimate.

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Michael Lane and Kerri Lane created Tampa-based, Florida Lifetime Window & Door Inc. in 2008 when they were finally "fed up" and had enough with the down-turn of quality, issues and problems in the Home Improvement industry, namely:  "Terrible Customer Service" and "Lack of Integrity".  After working as a general contractor in new home  construction and home remodeling as well as a subcontractor for replacement windows and doors for the big Corporate home builders, they decided to open Florida Lifetime Window and Door Inc. with hopes of providing consistent quality workmanship.  Taking care of the wants and needs of  their customers for an honest and fair price is the key to their success .  Florida Lifetime Window and Door Inc. services the West, South West and Central Florida areas.

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